Why You Should Consider Roof Windows or Skylights for Your Home

Why You Should Consider Roof Windows or Skylights for Your Home Many people consider roof windows or skylights a luxury. They may put them in the same classification as high-end amenities like Jacuzzis or swimming pools. But the truth is, skylights can be an energy-saving option that

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How to Care for Your New Windows

Five Tips for Caring for Your New Windows So, you just got new windows in your home and you want to do everything you can to keep them in the best shape possible. After all, windows are a big investment, and caring for them will help you

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Is a Window Addition Worth It?

Window Addition

If your rooms are dark and dreary, it can really affect your disposition. The right lighting will brighten your mood and lift your spirits and it can even make your rooms look bigger. What is more, when it comes to your home’s value, natural illumination can make

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Window Safety Tips for Children

Window Safety

If you are getting new windows in your home, you are probably thinking about how they will add to the aesthetic of your rooms, how energy efficient they are and how long they will last. But there is another concern that should be paid close attention to, especially

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Different Types of Window Locks

Types of Window Locks

Windows play a key role in your home’s aesthetic and its energy efficiency. Because they open and close to the outside, they are also a big part of your home’s security system. With this in mind, it is important to have the right locks on your windows.

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What Makes Up a Roof

Components of A Roof

The roof is a very important part of a home. It provides protection for the home and it plays a huge role in its energy efficiency. When something happens to a roof, you may need a repair or replacement. This is when it is essential to understand

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Top 3 Tips About Roof Ventilation

Top 3 Tips and Tricks for Roofing Ventilation

If you are dealing with a roof replacement or repair, you may hear the term roof ventilation being thrown around a lot. The right ventilation is essential to the lifespan of your roof and the energy efficiency of your home. But what exactly is roof ventilation and

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Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Solar Panels

As the eco-friendly movement continues to move forward, many homeowners are considering adding solar panels to their roofs. Solar panels are a great way to reduce energy bills while helping preserve the earth’s natural resources. But one thing that might keep a homeowner from making this important

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