What is soffit and fascia?

These elements are all about ventilation and protection for your attic. Often the two are confused because they are usually talked about together.

Soffit is the underside of really any part of a structure

For our purposes, it is the underpart of the overhang from your roof. The reason this part of your house is so important is because it allows for ventilation to the attic. This can be the same material as your siding, but with vented holes or slits which allow airflow into your attic and prevent mold.

Fascia is the flat “face” of your roof

Again this can be the same material as your siding. It protects the space between the roof and soffit from the elements, but most importantly, provides a place for your gutters to go. Why are gutters so important? You can find out here.

Do you suspect damage to your soffit or fascia from a storm?

Just like any other structure on your house, the soffit and fascia are exposed to the elements. Even though they tend to be more protected either behind gutters or under the roof, they can still be damaged by rain, hail, wind, and debris. If you suspect damage to your soffit and fascia from a storm, it is likely covered by your homeowners policy. The easiest way to tell is to fill out the form and get a free estimate.

Is soffit or fascia loose or missing on your home?

Having loose pieces of soffit and fascia on your home can be very dangerous to the structure. Even though they seem like small parts of your home, they play important roles. Having a piece of soffit hanging off your house can expose your attic to mold and decay, or even critters. Loose or missing fascia can do the same, but can also loosen or damage your gutters causing a chain reaction which can wreak havoc on your home overall. It can be very serious but again is very likely covered by your homeowners policy.

Do you believe it is time to install new soffit or fascia?

Are you just wanting to update the look of your home? Was your home updated in the past, but the soffit and fascia got overlooked? You can change the material, the look, and the color with all the same kind of options you have when you choose your siding. It can be a fun and subtle facelift to your home.

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