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Why are gutters so important anyway?

If we didn’t have gutters, wouldn’t the rain just run right off the roof? Do we just have gutters to give us something to clean out when they get clogged? There are actually several different important functions gutters serve.

  • They direct rainwater away from our home in ways that prevent erosion and grade problems on the ground around your house.
  • They protect your foundation from cracks, crumbling, and eventual flooding.
  • They shelter the landscaping you have directly around your home.
  • They help prevent damage to your siding by keeping the asphalt, leaves, and debris running off your roof from running down or even behind the siding.

These are very important functions, which is why it’s also important to keep your gutters clear. If you have issues with keeping them clear (or you just don’t want to) check out our LeafGuard Gutter System to see what it can do for you.

Do you suspect damage to your gutters from a storm?

Especially in severe elements like storms or heavy snowfall, your gutters can take a real beating. Over time, they carry thousands of pounds of water, snow, leaves, and debris which weighs on them and wears them out. If you suspect your gutters have been damaged by the elements, they are likely covered by your homeowners insurance. Fill out the form and we can help you find out with our free estimate.

Are gutters loose or missing on your home?

As we’ve already discussed, gutters play a huge role in protecting your home. Loose or missing gutters can quickly turn into much more serious problems if not addressed right away. Many times, the reason that the gutter is loose or missing is something that may have caused damage to other parts of your home as well. Have one of our professionals come out and help you determine your best course of action.

Do you believe it is time to install new gutters?

Maybe your gutters are just old, battered, or constantly clog, and you’re looking to give them a newly refreshed look. There are so many modern options which can improve the look, feel, and even value of your home.

We only use high quality, long-lasting materials for our projects. Check out our pre-approved list.

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