About us

About Us

Borders Construction is a local and family owned business and specializes in Roofs, Siding and Windows.

Many years ago Mark Borders used to be an insurance agent which gives him some insight on the claims process. Mark has focused his business by working with insurance agents and educating customers about the insurance company’s role in the claims process. I am not your typical contractor and would love to prove why.

According to Mark, homeowners are often confused about what the insurance company’s role is when filing a claim. I hear everything from “they are just trying to get out of paying the claim” to “I’ve been with them a long time, and they owe me a roof”. I have found that when a homeowner has a clear understanding of what the insurance company’s role is, and that a claim has to be a covered peril and sudden and immediate damage, then the homeowner has a more realistic understanding on what to expect.

When policy holders have a better understanding, then they can decide to either, not file the claim which is 70% of the time, or have realistic expectations when reviewing a claim with the adjuster. Nobody has a problem with a claim being filed, but there is nothing worse than having a claim without payment. As you are well aware, there are consequences for filing a claim, especially if there are prior claims on their record. This can result in being rated higher or canceled, not to mention upset customers that can effect your policy retention.

I would love to find damage on every inspection we do, but that is not realistic. That is the reason we DO REPAIRS! Many times that is the answer, and by doing the right thing and educating the homeowner, we end up being hired to complete other work for the homeowner. Sometimes the homeowner has no damage cause by storms or other unfortunate instances, but they just need a roof. We offer some of the most competitive financing options in the industry and are able to give the homeowner another option.

Someone is talking to your customer… It only makes sense to ensure the homeowner hears the truth before they consider filing a claim, doesn’t it?

We believe that it is our role to inspect and educate every homeowners during this process. This is why we do not charge for inspections. In addition, we NEVER have a homeowner sign anything before the adjuster completes the inspection. The customer always has the right to choose another contractor after the claim is approved. We hope that through honesty and integrity, we can earn the business with the homeowner.

It’s simple, Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do!



About us June 28, 2018


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