Ten Window Holiday Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out This Season

When we think of windows, things like energy efficiency and durability may be the first things that come to mind. But we must also remember that windows add to the home’s aesthetic making it airier, brighter, and more attractive.

 Christmastime is a time of year when we truly appreciate the design of our windows. We decorate our windows to make our homes look cozy and festive. We can play with the window’s features to add elements that are complementary and celebratory. 

 If you are excited to be decorating your windows this holiday season, here are some ideas that are sure to impress you.

 Hang Ornaments

 Hanging glittery metallic ornaments will transform your windows into a Winter Wonderland. They will also reflect some light into the home.  

 Lights Around the Frame

 Putting lights around the window frame on the interior of your home is a classic touch. 

 Add Snowflakes

 Add snowflakes to your windows to make your home look like a White Christmas no matter what the climate is. Snowflakes can be store-bought or you can make your own bringing the whole family in on the fun.

 Bring Nature Inside

 Putting tree trimmings inside your window is not only a great way to decorate, but it’s also a great way to recycle. Cut off a few branches and put some ornaments on them for a woodsy look that brings your windows to life.

 A New Place to Hang Stockings

 If you don’t have a mantle in your home, why not hang your Christmas stockings right in the window? This is a great way to infuse spirit from the inside out. 

 Ring Go the Bells

 Sleighbells is pretty much synonymous with Christmas. Hang a pair from your curtain rod to give your home a traditional touch.

 Light it Up

 While a couple of lights around the window provides an understated and elegant look, others like to go all out when it comes to bringing the cheer. Do it up big time with tons of lights around your windows. Then bring your tree to the forefront to let everyone know about the party’s at your home this year.

 Wreaths and Garland

 Wreaths are not only for the door. Hang yours in your window loud and proud. Then surround the window with a garland for an evergreen look. 

 Seasonal Curtains

 While some keep the same décor throughout the year, others update for each season with different drapes, throw pillows, and tchotchkes around the home. Christmas is a great time for adding some seasonal elements along with a pair of red curtains. This makes for a festive touch inside and out.


 Poinsettias are the plant of choice when Christmastime rolls around. Bring some of these potted flowers to your windowsill to add a dose of winter to your floral arrangement. 

 The holidays are a great time to make the most of the beauty of your windows. You can go all out with an array of lights or add a few tasteful ornaments that make your home look warm and cozy. How do you like to decorate your windows to bring out the joys of the season?