Why You Should Consider Roof Windows or Skylights for Your Home

Many people consider roof windows or skylights a luxury. They may put them in the same classification as high-end amenities like Jacuzzis or swimming pools. But the truth is, skylights can be an energy-saving option that is especially beneficial in locations that don’t have a lot of sunlight.

Read on to find out more about skylights and roof windows and why you should consider adding them to your home.

When Can Roof Windows Be Beneficial?

Skylights and roof windows are especially beneficial in homes that are tucked between two higher properties. In these situations, it can be impossible for natural light to come in through the side windows. Skylights may be the only option for making a sunny, well lit interior. 

A well-lit interior will add value to your home which will come into play when it comes time to sell. It will also lift your mood minimizing depression. 

Types of Roof Windows

When it comes to getting roof windows in your home, there are many options to choose from. These are as follows. 

  • Skylight: Also called roofline, this is a stationary window set into the roofline. It may have ventilation options, but the window does not open.

  • Roof Window: Although any window installed into the roof can be considered a roof window, the technical term refers to a pivot awning style mechanism. A screen can be included to keep out pests. A roof window can also be referred to as a venting skylight. 

  • Light Shaft: A light shaft is a structural adaptation that includes a walled shaft that passes between roof trusses or joists to link a ceiling to a skylight or roof window. The end result is a sort of small tunnel that emits light into the room. 

  • Tube Window: This is a simplified and inexpensive type of light shaft. Here, a small bubble dome window is set into the roofline and linked to the lower ceiling using a flexible reflective tube. It is recommended for small spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

Roof Window Options

When it comes to finding a roof window that’s right for you, there are several glazing and glass options available. Most are made from shatter-resistant glass that will hold up to the elements. Beyond that, you may choose from single, double or triple-paned glass, gas filled chambers between panels, reflective coating, and other features that come with most wall windows. These are recommended in providing the ultimate in energy efficiency.

Some roof windows also come with remote controls that make them easy to open and close without having to climb up high to do so. 

A roof window is more than a luxury feature. It’s a good way to cut down on energy bills while adding light and value to your home.  Will you be installing one to illuminate your spaces?