Today we’re going to talk about one of your roof’s biggest enemies, leaves.

When leaves fall into your roof’s gutters, they act as a dam causing rainwater to back up. When the water backs up, it pushes underneath your shingles to cause damage to your roof deck. The leaves can also freeze and expand causing the gutter to warp.

Many people install screen guards to keep their gutters from clogging. However, debris can fall through the holes in the screen making it necessary to go up on the roof and blow off the leaves on a regular basis.

And even when taking these measures, heavy snow can still be an issue. The heat escaping from your roof can cause the snow to melt so icicles to form your gutter which can also cause blockages.

So what is the best solution for eliminating blockages? A LeafGuard gutter system is a good solution.


How Does the LeafGuard Gutter System Work?

LeafGuard is advertised as being the most effective device when it comes to gutter blockages. This is because is has a patented debris shedding design that guarantees your gutters will remain clog free. Its one-piece construction makes it more effective than screens and other devices like gutter covers, hoods or helmets.

Here are some other benefits the system offers.

  • Custom Fit: LeafGuard systems are custom built to fit your home. Therefore, you can feel confident that no leaves or debris will fall though. The customization also means it will work on any type of roof
  • Easy Installation: Most installations can be performed in just one day.
  • Keeps Your Warranty Intact: LeafGuard is mounted away from your roof shingles so it won’t cause any damage or void your roof warranty.
  • ScratchGuard Paint Finish: LeafGuard systems have a ScratchGuard paint finish so they won’t chip, rot, crack or rust. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about unsightly damage that can ruin your home’s curb appeal.
  • Trusted Brand: LeafGuard has been protecting roofs for 25 years. It has been recognized in industry publications and is known for being a brand you can count on. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

When gutters on your roof clog, it can do considerable damage to your home. The LeafGuard system will protect your roof saving it from possible damage and saving you the hassle of having to climb on your roof for regular maintenance. Call a professional to have one installed before the next rainy season occurs. It will save you considerable money in repair costs and cause less headaches down the road. Call today for your free estimate!