new-windowsAs winter progresses you might notice the cold even more when indoors. If it seems you need to set the thermostat higher than you once did, check your home’s window health. While we discussed in the past how to make your windows last longer, at some point you’ll need to replace them. Here’s how to tell when that time has arrived.

Top Ten Reasons to Replace Windows

Some of the telltale replacement warnings seem subtle, some more obvious. Noticing one item on the list means you need to replace the windows, but noticing more than one means you need to contact Borders Construction stat.

  1. Your curtains seemingly move by themselves. It’s probably not a poltergeist, but a draft. The draft coming into your home via the window indicates an improper fit. The window or its frame may have warped, or the seals may have given way.
  2. It’s time for replacement if you notice condensation or ice forming between the glass panes on a double pane window, or on the inside of the pane for single pane windows.
  3. Check each room’s temperature. If one room measures colder than the rest of the house, it’s probably the windows. Rather than cover your windows in plastic, keep the view by replacing the windows.
  4. When the interior glass fogs up it indicates the insulation seal broke. Without its insulation, air passes right through the window.
  5. Light peeking through the window corners or edges indicates the weather stripping has worn away or the windows fit improperly within the frame.
  6. If your energy bill costs significantly go up during winter, check the windows and doors first. Compare your current bills with those from the past two years. Air seeping in through ill-fitting or warped windows cause bills to skyrocket.
  7. The window material provides another important indicator. Each material has a maximum viability. Both fiberglass and vinyl windows last between 20 to 40 years. Insulated, also known as double pane, windows and skylights last between 10 to 20 years. Aluminum windows last 20 to 30 years, while wood windows last about 30 years. If you purchased your home 15 years ago and have double pane windows, it’s about time to replace them.
  8. When the wind howls like in a classic horror movie, the eerie noise occurs because the wind outside enters through insulation gaps or cracks.
  9. If you spot water drops or a water puddle on the windowsill, the window leaks. Fix this immediately since the water entering can damage floors, frames and walls.
  10. You’re ready to remodel your home and want a new look and to add to its efficiency.

When you need to replace the windows, contact us at Borders Construction to obtain a free estimate on the replacement or phone us at (847) 416-1918. We’ll help you restore your beautiful views. We offer numerous options including windows with argon gas between the panes and UV film. Ask us about our financing plans. We can help you afford the changes your home needs.