Extend the life of your windowsExtend the life of your windows

Extend the life of your windowsYou might not think much about the windows on your home so long as you can see through them and they have no cracks in the glass. They won’t last forever though, but you can extend the life of your windows with proper care.

Proper care involves cleaning the interior and exterior faces, regular maintenance and proper use. Follow these tips from the pros at Borders Construction to help your home’s windows last longer.

Window Cleaning

You may think spring cleaning provides enough cleaning for the windows, but it doesn’t. They need far more elbow grease than that. Rather than use a paper towel sprayed with window cleaner, try the following processes that provide a streak-free clean that helps remove residue.

  • On a weekly basis, spray the window’s interior pane with window cleaner and buff it with newspaper.
  • Open the window to reveal the window track. Use a steam cleaner to clean the track. Its stream of steam and pressure loosens dirt in the track. Close the window and repeat the process on the top portion of the track.
  • Wash the outside of the windows, as well. This may require a ladder or a power washer. Use appropriate cleaner for the outside, too. Don’t use water alone since it can damage the frames.

Properly Sealed Windows

Sealing a window refers to its sealant around the glass pane, its caulking around the frame and its weather stripping around the frame’s edge. It also refers to the rubber seal found within some window tracks.

Wood frames require proper sealing and annual resealing. This prolongs the frame’s life. Vinyl windows don’t require this.

On the exterior and interior, check for cracks and leaks. Seal these with caulk. Check the glass and siding around the window for cracks and leaks, too.

On the interior, observe the window panes while the heat or air conditioner operates. If you notice condensation on the pane or between the window panes, call a repair professional.

Also, check the health of the weather stripping you’re using. Tears or missing bits of weather stripping can get stuck in the track. This debris can clog the window track making it harder to open and shut which reduces their life span. Replace the weather stripping if needed. You’ll end up save money on your energy bill, too.

Conduct an Inspection

While you check the caulk, seals and weather stripping, also check for signs of life. Mildew, mold or termites can live in a home’s framing. The rain and other precipitation that hits the exterior provides a starting point for mildew and mold growth. Along with threatening your health, these ruin windows.

Peeling paint signals it’s time to take a closer look. Peel the paint off and see what lies beneath. After inspecting, if you find critters, call an exterminator. If you find mildew or mold, phone a fungus removal specialist. The windows may be able to be salvaged. Repaint them once the servicepeople complete the repairs.

Correct Use

Both windows and doors last longer when they receive proper care. This also extends to how you use them. Slamming doors and windows won’t help them last longer. Use a lubricant like WD-40 to keep tracks sliding smoothly.

Sometimes your best efforts fail, and you must replace the windows. Contact us at Borders Construction to obtain a free estimate on the replacement. We’ll help you restore your beautiful views.