Caring for Your WindowsCaring for Your Windows

Caring for Your WindowsWindows are a big investment. That’s why homeowners will want to do everything they can to care for them properly. With the right care, windows can last longer and require fewer repairs. If you are looking to get the most out of your windows, here are some helpful tips that will help them withstand the test of time.

Caring for Your Windows

Windows come in a variety of materials. The material of your window will affect the kind of care it requires. With that in mind, here are the various types of windows and their specific care instructions.

Wood Windows

Wood is an organic material and, therefore, it is more likely to show signs of wear and tear as compared to its synthetic counterparts. Wood windows should be cleaned at least twice a year. The wood itself can be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth and water. You can add soap if there is an accumulation of dirt on the surface. If the wood is painted, a water and alcohol combination will be effective.

If you are using a detergent, make sure it is heavily diluted with water as detergents can damage to wood. Avoid using ammonias and harsh cleaners with chemicals. You can tackle grease stains with an alcohol based cleaner diluted with water. Wash top to bottom to avoid scratching the wood. Be sure to rinse cleaners thoroughly to ensure they don’t eat into the wood to cause damage.

While cleaning the wood, check for signs of wear and tear. If there are any marks or scratches, touch them up with paint or a wood finish to keep the damage from getting worse. It is also a good idea to recoat the wood every few years. You can do this yourself or you may choose to get a professional in for this service.

Aluminum or PVC Windows

Aluminum and PVC windows are not as difficult to care for as wood windows are. To clean them, use a non-abrasive cloth with soap and water to wash dirt off the surface. If grease stains are stubborn, detergent diluted in warm water should do the trick. If it is still not working to get the stains out, use a uPVC cleanser. Be sure to rinse windows thoroughly after using a chemical based cleaner. Any residue could cause wear and tear on the material.

Locks and Hinges

Your locks and hinges will also need some TLC. Use a light machine oil to lubricate locks to ensure they function properly and work smoothly. A light machine oil will also keep hinges in good shape and prevent rust.

Hopefully these tips will help your windows last for years to come. What are some of your window maintenance secrets? If you are in the market for new windows we offer financing!