Five of the Most Common Window Repair Issues

Windows are meant to last the test of time. However, you may come across some issues before a complete replacement is needed. Fortunately, most window repair can be done by a professional. Here are some problems you may be having that may not be a sign that you need a complete replacement. 

Windows are Stuck

Windows can get stuck for a variety of reasons. The most common include moisture expanding the window so they become too swollen to move through their tracks. This often happens with wooden windows.

Windows may also get stuck after a paint job. The paint may be adding to the window’s girth making it difficult to move.

A professional repair person will have solutions that will get your window moving easily in no time. 

Cracked Glass

Cracked glass can be the result of an accident or it can be due to an act of vandalism. Either way, it does not mean you need a new window. 

As long as the frame is still in good shape, you can replace the cracked glass with a new piece, and you may even end up with one that is more durable than the original. 

Leaks and Moisture

If leaks and moisture are coming through your window, it could cause mold and rot. Additionally, this could be a sign that your windows aren’t insulating effectively against cold. 

Professionals can be called in to seal up windows to prevent leaks and moisture while increasing your home’s energy efficiency. 

Rotted Windowsills

If you don’t treat moisture problems, you may end up with rotted windowsills. Rot can also be caused by high winds. 

Fortunately, these advanced problems can still be repaired by a professional. Measures can be taken to eliminate rot and provide new windowsills if necessary. 

Heavy Drafts

If your windows are drafty, not only will your home be uncomfortably cold, but your energy bills will also be unreasonably high. Your heating system will need to work harder to make up for the drop in temperature and the warm air produced will end up out the window making for a vicious cycle.


Heavy drafts can be solved with professional insulation or you may even decide to change out your current panes with ones that are more energy-efficient. These options circumvent the need for a complete replacement saving you money in the long run. 

Double Hung Windows Won’t Stay Open

If your double-hung windows aren’t staying open it is probably due to the sash being untied or broken from the weight. Professionals can solve this problem by removing the lower sash and inner stop. Alternately, they may install vinyl track inserts which can be placed on either side of the sashes to keep windows ajar. 

There are various problems that can occur while you own your windows. Fortunately, most of these can be solved with a quick fix and will not require a complete replacement. Here’s hoping your windows provide you with long and reliable service in your home.